Alarms, Access Control & CCTV Systems


Alarm Monitoring

Alarm systems are essential business or home warning devices; there are many types and qualities of alarm systems available today for a wide range of applications.

By installing a burglar alarm system in your business or home you are putting in place a visible or concealed security system to send a message to would-be thieves that the property is monitored.

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Access Control

Access control systems provide a business tool or method to control the access or movement of staff, contractors or people in general in an environment.

Clubs, hotels, health institutions, commercial buildings and even for homes, there is an access control solution for all occasions to assist in the movement of people.

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CCTV Systems

CCTV or Closed Circuit Television refers to a visible or concealed video system. A CCTV system can be monitored by a limited number of viewers or by multiple screens and can be recorded for an incident reference.

CCTV was initially developed for financial, gaming and government facilities with the technology being developed over the years to a point where it is a simple and inexpensive option for business and Home Security Systems.

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