MLAK – Master Locksmiths Access Key


MLAK is an innovative scheme that uses a universal lock and key to allow people with disabilities 24/7 access to public facilities. The
system is implemented by MLA members at the request of local Councils, Municipalities or facility managers.

MLAK disability key

What is the Master Locksmith Access Key (MLAK)?

MLAK has been developed to improve access for people with disabilities. An MLAK key will open facilities fitted with the lock right across the Country. MLAK will also open the Liberty Swing. Accessible facilities (disabled toilets for example) should be open during the day, but it is sometimes necessary to lock them after hours.

MLAK is designed to increase access to these facilities and ensures that the people whose intended facility use was built for, are able to access them when required. The major benefit of MLAK is that it will reduce vandalism, keep facilities clean and at the same time overcome the obstacle of accessible toilets being locked (particularly after hours or on weekends).

Obtaining a key:

Eligible persons are able to purchase an MLAK key from MLA Business Members provided that they show documentation outlining their need for the key. Keys should only be purchased from MLA Members and access to keys is restricted to people who have a disability or who have written authority from:

  • a doctor
  • a disability organisation
  • centre management or owner of a building with an accessible toilet on site
  • disability card or parking permit


Ultimately it is the responsibility of the Council / Municipality implementing the MLAK system to their facilities to ensure appropriate signage is utilised to make the public aware but below are some examples of signage used to display that the MLAK system is installed.

MLAK Signage and key access


Liberty Swing

The Liberty Swing is a world‐first Australian innovation – a swing that allows children in wheelchairs the opportunity to experience the joy of having a swing in the park. The MLAK Key will also open the Liberty Swing worldwide.

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