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  • Ordering additional Security or Restricted keys

    When ordering security or restricted keys it is important to note the System Number, Key Number and sometimes the Key Issue Number stamped in to the key for your order to be processed. The “who” is authorised to approve the additional keys will also be required to complete the order.

    As shown above, on side “A” of most restricted keys will be a company name, sometimes a phone number and perhaps some marketing details of the locksmithing firm or manufacturer that controls the key system. Side “B” is where the important information is and the information we need to start the process for your request.

    The “who” is the person(s) authorised or can approve the additional restricted keys to be cut. This will be the owner of the restricted key system or the owner’s representative that looks after and maintains the restricted key system on behalf of the owners. This could be the owner themselves, a strata manager, a building manager, real estate agent or a company representative and sometimes the locksmith firm looking after the system.

    Restricted keys come in many brands, shapes and sizes, some keys are all metal, some with plastic heads and some with coloured caps or dots in the head of the key. With all these differences the above layout of information may vary from brand to brand and locksmith to locksmith but most, if not all will have at least the two most important pieces of information required, the System Number and Key Number to start the process.

    If you are not sure of “who” is authorised to approve any additional restricted keys, send Olympic Locksmiths the information you have and if it is one of our systems we will be able to advise you the correct person(s) to contact.

    Restricted keys come varying in cost. The keys can start at a lower price mark for a standard or generic security key and rise almost doubling in cost for the most up to date high security restricted key systems.

    By first providing the above information we can start to assist you further. By using the below form and attaching any photos of the key required (Both sides) will assist you and us with the information we need to get you started.

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