Restricted and Registered Key Systems

Most manufacturing companies and industry suppliers provide a range of restricted or registered key systems. They are available in various configurations and in varying security levels.

Restricted systems are generally used to secure or control the issue of keys in a domestic, commercial and institutional situation, and for anyone wishing to have peace of mind or control over the quantity of keys issued.

A restricted or registered key system is one in which there is a patent or design registration covering part or all of the key system. A design registration usually covers the keys profile or grooves in the side of the key and a patent generally covers the mechanical aspect of how the system works. A system with a patent is generally of higher cost and quality than just a design registered system.

A restricted or registered key system provides control for the owner or manager of the system by restricting the availability to all keys to only those nominated or authorised to order keys.

This could be a multi level master key system where certain personnel within the organisation are permitted to only order specific keys or higher level keys may require more than one person to authorise additional keys.

Restricted or registered keys can also be used by property owners or managers to prevent unauthorised duplication of apartment or house keys, thus providing a clear register of how many keys have been issued at any one time.

Restricted Key Systems

Abloy Protec Key Systems NSW

Abloy Protec

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Restricted or registered key systems are available with varying and different security features, from the basic pin tumbler system commonly used on front door deadlocks to high security pick proof, bump proof, pull and drill resistant mechanisms.

As a rule the more expensive the system the more benefits and features you are likely to receive.

Mostly, when people think of security they think of alarms, access control systems, car patrols, guards or bouncers. While this is understandable as they make up the industry as a whole, if you don’t have good key control you don’t have good security.
Locks and keys have been used for thousands of years to secure homes and possessions to create a barrier for undesired access. Our modern world is no different, we insist on a secure environment to carry out our business, our family life and activities in a safe and comfortable manner.

At OLYMPIC we have this in mind and provide our customers real security solutions for today’s challengers. We ask our suppliers and manufacturers to provide the highest quality products and manufacture them to the most rigorous and demanding standards most of which are from the world’s most respected lock manufacturing companies.

The above are a few products we use to work with our clients and design a master key system tailored to your building, facility, home and your needs that will work well and last a very long time if designed and managed correctly. We have specialist master keying facilities and software for our customers systems and can customize a security master key system any size and for anywhere.

Below are some examples or layouts of a simple master key system, these of course can be tailored to a variety of designs and customer needs together with the Promaster Key Manager software we can supply for you to manager the issues of keys in your portfolio.

Example key system breakdown
How registered key systems work - an example
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