Key Management Software

Promaster Key Manager software allows you to fully control the issuing, returning, ordering and reporting of keys issued by staff and key holders.


• Schools
• Manufacturing Companies
• Real Estate Agents
• Local Councils
• Corporations
• Hospitals
• Sports Clubs
• Utility Companies (such as power, water, gas, phone companies etc.)

Easy to Use

ProMaster Key Manager has been designed to be very simple to use. No formal training is required.

User Defined Security

As with most organisations, key holders usually have varying degrees of security clearance. ProMaster Key Manager makes it easy to provide multiple security levels with usernames and passwords.

Direct Link to Locksmith

You can link directly with any locksmith or lock manufacturing company using the ProMaster Master Keying 7 system via ProMaster Key Manager. This allows you to receive regular updates and to order additional keys by email.

Reporting Capabilities

With ProMaster Key Manager you can generate professionally designed reports that are clear and concise with the click of a mouse. Each report covers all aspects of your key tracking from issue to return:

• An inventory of keys in your control
• Who has been issued keys
• Where each key can access
• Who can access specific doors
• Generation of responsibility acceptance forms
• Compromised doors from lost keys

If you would like to discuss your key management requirements with one of our experienced team, please call OLYMPIC on 1300 30 30 45 or Contact Us to arrange a free consultation.