At Olympic Locksmiths, we understand the critical role of robust key control in a commercial environment. Lost or stolen keys pose significant security risks. That’s why we offer comprehensive implementation of registered security key systems, providing unparalleled control over key duplication and access management for your business.

Why use a registered or restricted key system?

  • Restricted Key Duplication 

    Registered key systems offer a significant security upgrade by utilizing patented key designs. Keys can only be duplicated by authorized personnel through a qualified locksmith, hindering unauthorized key creation.

  • Master Key Functionality

    Enhance access control with master key systems. Master keys open all doors within a designated hierarchy, while individual keys provide access to specific areas. This allows for efficient management of access for building managers, security personnel, and department heads.

  • Scalability for Growing Businesses

    Registered and security key systems adapt seamlessly as your business expands. Easily add new keys or modify access levels without changing the entire system.

  • Enhanced Security Levels

    Security key systems are constructed with robust materials and advanced pin tumbler mechanisms, offering superior resistance to picking and drilling attempts. Upgrade your security further with high-security key blanks that are virtually impossible to duplicate without authorization.

  • Increased Accountability

    Maintain a clear record of key distribution with registered and security key systems. Track who has access to specific areas and revoke privileges as needed, ensuring optimal control over your property.



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How we Implement Registered Key Systems

Here’s a detailed breakdown of our process, designed to ensure a seamless transition to a secure and efficient key management system:

1. Collaborative Needs Assessment & System Selection:

  • Our experienced security consultants will meet with you to understand your key management needs and access control requirements.
  • We’ll discuss the size and layout of your facility, the number of employees requiring access to different areas, and your desired level of security.
  • Based on this assessment, we’ll recommend the ideal registered security key system. This could include high-security key blanks with restricted duplication capabilities, master key systems for hierarchical access control, or a combination of both.

2. Key System Design & Master Key Hierarchy (if applicable):

  • For master key systems, our team will meticulously design a master key hierarchy tailored to your specific needs.
  • We’ll define which doors require individual keys, which require access from specific departments or personnel, and how the master key will function within the hierarchy.
  • This ensures granular control over access, allowing authorized personnel entry to designated areas while maintaining overall security.

3. Key Ordering & Secure Key Register Implementation:

  • Once the system is designed, we’ll work directly with a registered key supplier to obtain the high-security key blanks for your chosen system.
  • Olympic Locksmiths will handle all key ordering and ensure secure delivery to our facility.
  • We’ll then establish a secure key register, meticulously documenting key assignments, access levels, and the location of each key within your facility. This comprehensive record-keeping system ensures optimal accountability and control.

4. Key Cutting & System Installation (if applicable):

  • Our certified locksmiths will cut the keys according to the designated system, ensuring precise functionality and adherence to security protocols.
  • For master key systems, we’ll meticulously program the master key to function across all necessary doors within the hierarchy.
  • If your chosen system requires additional hardware installation (e.g., high-security lock cylinders), our technicians will handle this efficiently and minimize disruption to your business operations.

5. Staff Training & Ongoing Support:

  • To ensure a smooth transition, Olympic Locksmiths provides comprehensive training for your security personnel or designated staff on the proper procedures for key issuance, key return protocols, and secure key storage practices.
  • We’ll also educate them on how to identify and report any suspicious key activity.
  • Our team is always available to answer questions, address any concerns, and provide ongoing support to ensure the continued effectiveness of your registered security key system.

Our Registered Key Systems

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