At Olympic Locksmiths, we understand the importance of robust security solutions for commercial environments. That’s why we offer comprehensive access control system implementation, ensuring seamless integration and optimal control over who accesses your business premises.

Advantages of Commercial Access Control Systems

  • Convenient access options

    Ditch the keys! Grant access through user-friendly methods such as keypads, proximity cards, smartphone apps, or even biometric scanners (fingerprint or facial recognition)

  • Scalability for Growth

    Start with a basic system for your home or a small office and easily expand it as your needs evolve. Add new users, access points, and functionalities seamlessly.

  • Integration to Alarm Systems

    For a truly unified security network, integrate your access control system with your commercial alarm system.

  • Enhanced Security

    Revoke access privileges instantly in case of lost cards, employee terminations, or security concerns. Maintain a clear audit trail of who accessed specific areas and at what time.

  • Streamlined Access Control for Businesses

    Assign different access levels for employees based on their roles. Restrict access to sensitive areas, manage common spaces like conference rooms, and enhance overall security for your business operations.

Access Control Brands We Work With

Our Process

Here’s a detailed breakdown of our process, designed to deliver a customised electronic access control system that meets your unique needs:

1. Collaborative Needs Assessment:

  • Our experienced security consultants will meet with you to thoroughly understand your business operations, security concerns, and access control requirements.
  • We’ll discuss the number of employees, access levels needed for different departments, and preferred entry methods (key cards, fobs, biometrics, etc.).
  • Based on this comprehensive assessment, we’ll recommend the ideal access control system that aligns perfectly with your security goals and budget.

2. Expert Hardware Installation:

  • Our certified technicians will efficiently install all necessary access control hardware on your doors.
  • This may include keypad access panels, proximity card readers, biometric scanners, and electric strikes or electromagnetic locks.
  • We ensure a clean and professional installation, minimizing disruption to your daily operations.

3. Customized System Configuration & Access Levels:

  • Our team will meticulously configure the access control system based on your specific needs.
  • We’ll program user profiles, assign access privileges for different areas (e.g., restricted access for server rooms, open access for common areas), and set time schedules for entry permissions.
  • This ensures granular control over access, allowing authorized personnel entry to specific areas at designated times.

4. Comprehensive Staff Training:

  • To ensure a smooth transition, Olympic Locksmiths provides comprehensive training for your security personnel or reception staff on the proper use and management of the new access control system.
  • We’ll cover user enrollment, access level modifications, system troubleshooting, and reporting functionalities.
  • Your staff will be confident in utilizing the system effectively and maintaining optimal security protocols.

5. Ongoing Maintenance & Scalability:

  • Our commitment to your security extends beyond initial installation.
  • We offer ongoing maintenance services to ensure the system functions flawlessly and receives timely software updates.
  • As your business evolves, Olympic Locksmiths is here to support your growing needs.
  • We can seamlessly expand the access control system by adding new hardware or modifying access privileges to accommodate staff changes or department relocations.

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We’ll design, install, and maintain a customized access control system that empowers you to manage access effectively and safeguard your business assets. Experience the peace of mind that comes with a secure and controlled environment.