In the commercial sector, we specialise in addressing extensive and intricate access needs for staff members. Our solutions are designed to accommodate both single-building and multi-site requirements. With a focus on the unique challenges of the commercial environment, our offerings ensure robust access control to meet the diverse needs of businesses across various scales.

With fully mobile and licensed tradesman we offer sound advice and service to protect your facility against intrusion while considering all BCA and local government requirements. Olympic Locksmiths will professionally install and repair all your locks, panic bars, door closers, access control and safes to significantly increase the level of your security.

Security Solutions for Commercial Environments

Electronic Access Control

Commercial buildings require robust security measures to protect personnel, assets, and sensitive information. Electronic access control systems offer a modern and efficient solution, replacing traditional keys with credential-based access control.

Here are some key benefits of implementing electronic access control systems in commercial buildings:

  • Enhanced Security: Electronic access control eliminates the risk of lost or stolen keys compromising security. Credentials like key cards, fobs, or biometrics provide a more secure and trackable method of entry.
  • Detailed access adminstration: The system allows for assigning specific access levels to different personnel. Employees can be granted access to designated areas based on their roles and responsibilities, restricting unauthorised entry to sensitive locations.
  • Increased Convenience: Electronic credentials offer a convenient and user-friendly access experience. Employees can easily gain entry with a tap or scan, eliminating the need to carry and manage multiple keys.
  • Improved Audit Trails & Accountability: The system logs access attempts, recording who accessed which area and at what time. This provides valuable audit trails for security purposes and accountability management.
  • Scalability and Integration: Electronic access control systems can be easily scaled as a business grows. New users and access levels can be readily added, and the system can often integrate with other security measures like CCTV cameras for a comprehensive security network.

Registered Key Systems & Key Management

Registered key systems offer a significant upgrade to traditional key management practices in commercial buildings. These systems provide a robust solution for businesses seeking to strengthen security and maintain strict control over key duplication.

Here’s how registered key systems benefit commercial establishments:

  • Restricted Key Duplication: Keys are restricted to a specific manufacturer and require a security card or authorization code for duplication. This significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized key copies circulating.
  • Enhanced Access Control: Registered key systems can be designed to create different access levels within a building. Master keys can grant access to all areas, while individual keys provide access to designated zones, restricting unauthorized personnel from sensitive areas.
  • Improved Accountability: A documented key register tracks key issuance, location, and assigned personnel. This fosters accountability and simplifies key management processes.
  • Reduced Security Risks: Lost or stolen keys pose a lesser threat with registered systems. Replacement keys can be obtained quickly without compromising overall security, as unauthorized duplication remains restricted.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Registered key systems can be easily expanded as your business grows. New keys can be added to the system while maintaining the existing access control hierarchy.

Commercial Alarm Systems with 24/7 Monitoring

Alarm systems with 24/7 monitoring offer a comprehensive security solution for commercial buildings, providing proactive protection and immediate response in case of a security breach.

Here are some key benefits of implementing an alarm system with 24/7 monitoring in your commercial building:

  • Enhanced Deterrence: Visible alarm systems and security signage act as a powerful deterrent against potential intruders. The knowledge of 24/7 monitoring further discourages criminal activity.
  • Immediate Response: When an alarm is triggered, a monitoring center receives instant notification and takes appropriate action based on pre-determined protocols. This could involve dispatching security personnel, contacting emergency responders, or notifying designated individuals.
  • Faster Reaction Times: 24/7 monitoring ensures a prompt response to security breaches, minimizing potential damage and loss. Professional intervention can often deter further criminal activity and expedite recovery efforts.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your building is under constant surveillance provides invaluable peace of mind for business owners, property managers, and employees. The system offers a sense of security around the clock, even when the building is unoccupied.
  • Detailed Reports & Improved Security: Monitoring centers provide detailed reports on triggered alarms, aiding in security assessments and identifying potential weaknesses in your security protocols. This information can be used to refine your overall security strategy and implement proactive measures to prevent future incidents.

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