Remote Controls – Automotive, Garage & Gates

Garage, gate & car remote controls
At OLYMPIC we are now able to assist you with your remote control replacement fobs. Consistently customers such as real estate agents, strata managers, building managers and mums and dads have had the need for replacement remote controls for their garage doors, gates or even cars.
Not only can we offer a wide variety of remotes but also the programming instructions to programme the remote yourself at home. This of course will save you time, call out fees and charges and give you the assurance that we are here to help.
Not all remotes can be programmed at home and there are a few that we need to programme for you in our shop. If you do run into problems at home, we are a phone call away for assistance.

If you would like to discuss your Remote Control needs with one of our experienced team, please call OLYMPIC on 1300 30 30 45 or Contact Us to arrange a free consultation.