Commercial Security Checklist

Your business and asset security has become a most important part of company protection.

As would be thieves and criminals become smarter and more inventive you need to ensure you are up to date with the latest security products on the market today.

Olympic Locksmiths Pty Limited has been providing total security solutions for over 30 years evolving our business as new technologies enter the market. Our national client base includes major shopping centres, retail chain stores, communication companies, state and federal government departments, health care facilities, universities, TAFE colleges, the financial sector and the banking industry.

Please see the following security checklist to examine your organisations security risks and highlight the areas that may require attention to secure your assets.

1. Do you conduct security risk assessments of your assets?

Before a security system is designed for your facility you need to understand the possible risks for your assets. The assessment should be conducted by a professional who understands how to integrate physical and electronic security components for maximum benefit. These security assessments should be reviewed on a regular basis.

2. Do you have a restricted master key system?

Master keying allows you to design a key system that can have a single key or multiple keys that can access locks within a site or multiple sites. By using a restricted key profile or system can give you the flexibility to restrict the access of people to certain areas and restrict unauthorised duplication of additional keys in the system which gives you confident key control over your assets. Only authorised personnel can purchase keys and all keys cut are recorded for auditing purposes.

3. Do you have key management software?

For any organisation it is important to know where your security keys or company assets are and who has them. Easy to use software, such as ‘Promaster Key Manager’ makes record keeping easy and uniform. This program integrates with our in house software to ensure key management is standardised and that the information you have is up to date.

4. Where are your keys stored?

There is a wide variety and sizes of key operated, digital and electronically operated key boxes and safes on the market. Olympic Locksmiths would be happy to discuss your needs and provide a free quotation to supply and install a key control cabinet for your needs.

5. Are your sites equipped with electronic access control systems?

Electronic access control systems allow staff to move through and around a building as authorised to various levels of security. These access rights can be easily changed to remove, prevent access into areas according to needs. Access control gives you the ability to set time zones to determine when various people can access doors and gives you audit trail facilities that will let you know who accessed an area and at what time they accessed the area.

6. Do you have a monitored alarm system?

Alarm systems are designed to detect intrusion into buildings or areas. When an intruder enters the premises an alarm is activated which starts a series of events. These events may include the activation of a siren, the activation of a closed circuit television camera and a phone call back to a monitoring centre. In the event of an alarm signal the monitoring centre will contact a nominated member of staff, a security patrol and or police.

7. Do you have Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)?

CCTV can record events and evidence of misconduct by staff or intruders. A CCTV system can be useful for recording various situations such as cash transactions at a till, the area around a safe where cash and documents are kept or the perimeter of a building.

8. Does your organisation have a security partner who can design an appropriate security system for your requirements?

At Olympic Locksmiths Pty Limited we have staff that has been within the industry for many years with extensive knowledge of customer security needs. With 10 mobile workshops in Sydney and a network of partners around Australia we can provide a robust and efficient national service.